Command Tree’s documentation


The command-tree is a lightweight framework to build multi level command line interfaces by using the python builtin argparse module.

The main objectives are:
  • Full argparse.ArgumentParser compatibility.
  • Use as litle as possible code to build the tree, but preserve the argparse flexibiltiy.
  • The class and function structure must looks as the cli tree.
  • Decorators, decorators everywhere. We love decorators, so we use as often as possible.


To understand how to use it see this example first: Basic example. This page contains an example implemented in 2 ways: one with argparse and one with command-tree.

There is a page where we dissected the basic command-tree example and add a lot of comment to explains the code: Basic example with a lot of comments


Some very cool extra features can be configured via the Config class. For further information see command_tree.config.Config. For a very simple example see Basic config example.

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